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Why Work With Hyprsense

Hyprsense created a solution that empowers new entertainment media

to create interactive live animation

A Greater Level of
In-game Immersion
With hyprface, your game character can move with your users presenting them unique and engaging experience.
Game Update Video from Nexon's Sudden Attack

Our Proud Partners


The Famous Group utilizes Hyprface SDK in creating AR filters and character masks to provide immersive fan engagement experiences in public live events for NFL, NBA, and Esports.


Collaborating with Hyprsense, KT built AR game for kids using their smart speaker GiGA Genie and an AR video call app 'narle' with 3D character/AR filter mode.

Nexon creates regular game update videos with their game character 'Jogyo' instead of written format announcement to better engage with Sudden Attack players.

MITENE is an AR interactive signage platform that enhances traditional digital signage with 'eyes' and 'intelligence.'



Thiiing provides facial tracking-based AR games and a short-formatted video sharing platform of their gameplays for entertainment.


Bermuda, a video-based social chatting app released its AR sticker function powered by Hyprface SDK for its live video chatting.

Founded by the artist and technologist Marpi in 2019, the studio creates self-directed and commissioned work ranging from mobile experiences to immersive, architectural-scale installations.


Gree/WFLE's VTuber live streaming platform, Reality app, integrates Hyprface SDK into their character customization & live broadcasting service. for VTubers to interact with their fans as a fictional character.

Holotech is using Hyprface SDK to power face tracking in its consumer app, Animaze Avatar, for interactive avatar video creation.


Powered by Hyprface SDK, Geniiius! is an AR video making app using hilarious characters of notable figures.

Blah is an anonymous video chat app built by Blank Corporation. The app allows its users to have a deeper conversation with a character mask on, alleviating any concerns of privacy.


AQuest creates artistic digital experiences infused with technology. Collaborating with Hyprsense, the company promotes a name brand and its products with virtual try-on and magic mirrors.

Earth Speakr, a project developed by artist Olafur Eliasson, allows kids to animate their environment and speak up for their local surroundings and the planet. 

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