Hyprface captures your likeness and

brings characters alive with your own expressions.

Infused with Life

Sophisticated facial motion capture software perfectly captures and conveys

human’s natural movement

Anyone. Anywhere.

Build everything from  mobile apps to PC games without  additional equipment or

time consuming integrations.

Bring Out the Inner You

Whether you're a beast or an astronaut,

become the person you've always dreamed of.

Hyprsense Technology

50 Tracked Expressions

Hyprface detects and tracks facial expression parameters as weight values and outputs the combination of all the values as a per-frame expression, as shown in the graph above.

Tongue Tracking

Hyprface detects the tongue's location and direction. Tongue tracking adds an additional layer of reality to the facial animation.

Eye Tracking

Based on pupil & iris landmark tracking, Hyprface calculates the eye gaze vector, faithfully animating the 3D character’s eye motion.

Dense Face Tracking

Hyprface builds a personalized 3D facial mesh model and performs per-frame 3D facial dense alignment with 1,000 3D landmarks.

Multi-face Tracking

Hyprface can detect up to 15 people to track each person's facial expressions in real-time running on Intel Core i9 2.9Ghz.
(5 people on iPhone X)

Light & Fast

Hyprface SDK's size is less than 15MB while the tracking speed is 300fps when tracking one person running on Intel Core i9 2.9Ghz.

Camera Support

All RGB camera, 3D camera

Head Pose Coverage

yaw ≤ ±60° and pitch ≤ ±30°

Cross Platform Support

iOS, Android, Windows, Unity, Unreal, LINUX, Mixamo, VRM

Facial Landmark Tracking

198 facial landmarks on eye, eyebrow, nose, mouth and jawline

Up to the Hype?

Create deeper, connected experiences with us

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