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Hyprface SDK allows you to animate 3D characters with a user's own facial expressions. 

Hyprsense has been closely working with Nexon to apply Hyprface SDK into its live streaming show to animate  'Dao'  in real-time.

Live multi-face tracking demo was showcased at CVPR2019 tracking up to three characters.

KT integrated Hyprface SDK into its smart speaker AR gaming content for kids.

Powered by Hyprsense SDK, the app 'narle' provides its 3D character/AR filter mode to accelerate 5G usage.


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Hyprsense has closed a $4.5 million Series A with investment from Atinum Investment, KT Investment, Pearl Abyss and Kakao Ventures.

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Hyprsense's face tracking camera records your own expressions so that they can be transplanted onto the 3D avatars.

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Virtual Celebrity Statistics from Instagram influencers to live streamers

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Project done by Weston Ungemach, deep learning intern at Hyprsense

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3D facial-model building process by Hyprsense’s Art Director, Yoon

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